Chess program

Soft Chess 2.0

Main Window of SoftChess

This program comprising the chess engine and the user interface. It may be of interest to beginners or intermediate players.
It works with any Windows(98/2000/XP/Vista/7).

Features include:

  • Adjustable computer skill;
  • Help for beginners;
  • Opening book;
  • Opportunity of adjusting parameters of scoring function;
  • Ability to change the colors of the board and/or pieces;
  • FEN viewer;
  • PGN viewer.

Free Download Shareware SoftChess 2.0 (1Mb)


You can play and evaluate this game free of charge over a trial period of 20 days. After that period if you want to use this software a registration fee of $4.99 is required. When you register, you will receive your personal registration code by email, no further files need to be downloaded.

Additional information can be obtained from the author, Aleksandr Stanishevskiy, at